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Login using passwords pre-encrypted multiple times + sha512+'salt' Protect your database against GPU, Quantum computing cracking Monitor your users using Artificial Intelligence
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What is IT secure server and what makes it important:

IT secure server is the world's most advanced login and monitoring web system. It is a set of scripts/applications that once installed on your server protect your database and website's secure areas. You can install ITsec server on your website and process user logins in a new much more secure way. You will be able to monitor your users and detect suspicious activity.

With IT secure server you can now login to your website's secure areas, using:


  • IT secure server will recognise you loggin in based on:
    • Eye iris recognition
    • Fingerprint recognition
    • Vain recognition
    • Voice recognition
    • DNA recognition

Traditional methods used (login using)

  • Virtual keyboard
  • Secret questions
  • Tokens
  • Passwords encrypted using sha512+'salt'
  • Login using single IP
  • Detection against known proxies
  • Scripts not prone to SQL injection and other injections (xml, script based)
  • More...

Artificial intelligence

IT secure server is the only system that uses a set of AI algorithms designed to work harder for your security. We employe proven algorithms such as backpropagation, hidden markov models, bayesian networks data clustering to monitor your users for suspicious behaviour - thus being able to spot fraudulent logins and behaviour every second, 24/7. The artificial intelligence can be used also to refuse login, should an extraordinary behavior is noted. For instance, a user who has the habbit to login every thursday during daytime in New York - and does so for years - will be unlikely to login at 3:00AM New York time and then order a wire transfer to Eastern Europe from a new IP address. The AI will immediately detect and stop such practice untill you check things manually later.

  Small Business Corporate Ultimate
Login using hard to guess secret questions
Passwords encrypted using sha512+'salt'
Detection of a login through proxy
Detection of a login from a different country
Detailed history of user logins
Option to ban based on cookie/IP/username
Report of user IP, Browser, OS
Check for newest virus trends every minute
Email/SMS notifications
Check for SSL certificate
Check for possible DNS poisoning
Protection against SQL injection
Memory efficient, light, secure code
Free installation/assistance on your website,shopping cart, server
Login using biometrics (eye, face, fingerprint recognition, DNA, vain)  
Use of software tokens  
Passwords pre-encrypted to counter GPU/quantum cracking  
RFID logins    
Use of Artificial Intelligence to monitor users    
Use of Artificial intelligence chat to help users experience problems    
One year free support by e-mail/chat/phone    


Some obvious features are included in ALL versions...such as: All versions have the options to register, reset password if you enable such options.
All versions are available for PHP, ASP.NET. All versions can be installed on Linux or Windows servers.
All versions can work with MySQL, Oracle or SQL server.

We have depreciated versions for PHP 4.0, Coldfusion, JSP or installation on Mac based servers.

Small Business Corporate Ultimate
$49.99 $499.99 Please call for pricing
Free Installation Free Installation Free Installation
Custom coding of features: $15/hour Custom coding of features: $30/hour Custom coding of features: $30/hour
Support: $15/hour Support: $15/hour Free one year support

All prices are final as they are. Vats/additional taxes are included in the prices above. All prices are in United States Dollars.

Save money and protect your website's more important value: Your data.

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